March 2013 Meeting Announcement: The Bay Area’s Food Writer’s Panel

Presented by Moderator Gina Gotsill, with Sean Timberlake, Irvin Lin, Dianne Jacob, Amy Sherman

The March meeting is on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm in downtown San Francisco at SFSU Extension, Room 608. SFSU Extension is located on the sixth floor of the Westfield San Francisco Centre on Market St, above the Powell St BART/MUNI Station. For details about the location and instructions for purchasing tickets, visit Light refreshments are provided.

About the Presentation

Technical writing is not the only kind of writing that is technical in nature. Consider food writing: at its heart, it’s a form of communication that uses the written word and visuals to instruct readers how to accomplish a goal. Food writers also work with subject matter experts and editors, and adapt and revise existing content to create updated recipes in new formats. What do we as technical writers have to learn from food writers? A lot!

About the Presenters

On March 20, the San Francisco STC hosts a panel of four food writers and bloggers who will discuss their writing practice and how it parallels technical writing. Gina Gotsill, a resource manager at TechProse who also freelances and blogs at, will moderate the panel that features:

  • Sean Timberlake: Food writer and blogger behind Hedonia, a blog that celebrates “eating, drinking and living the good life in America’s most hedonistic city, San Francisco.”
  • Dianne Jacob: Cookbook author, freelance writer and editor who also coaches writers working in a variety of formats.
  • Irvin Lin: Food writer, blogger and recipe developer who celebrates cooking and baking at In his blog, Irvin explains the “underlying reason behind the measurements and the instructions” so people can have fun with their recipes and make them their own.
  • Amy Sherman: Cookbook author, food writer and recipe developer who has caught the attention of publications in the U.S. and abroad. Amy’s blog, features original recipes, reviews, commentary, news and culinary travel information.

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