President’s News and Notes

By Leah Scampoli

My favorite part of coming to our monthly meetings, besides seeing the familiar faces, is when a couple weeks or months after the meeting I have an opportunity to implement what I learned during a previous meeting. There have been a couple of such occurrences recently that I’d like to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a film camera, or what the kids today are referring to as an “analog” camera. (Insert eye roll here.) Not having loaded film in over a decade, I needed some guidance. Sadly, the manual, or more accurately the leaflet, was both incorrect and incomplete. But, thinking of our February meeting on instructional videos, I turned to YouTube. And there I found several good Samaritans who had made a suite of videos about my model of camera. Although I wish a couple of the video posters had come to our meeting to learn some tips, I got the information I needed. From unpacking the box, loading/unloading, and taking the first picture, You Tube had it covered where the manual and company website fell short. It both brought a real life application to the information I learned at the meeting and gave me something to think about concerning the future of how people get instructions.

Another meeting was about LinkedIn and, specifically, getting yourself noticed. Again, a couple of months after the meeting, I ended up catching up with a couple of friends who were looking for a new job opportunity. It was a great feeling to be able to offer some usable and helpful information that I learned during the meeting to my friends. Luckily, that meeting’s presenter, Andrew Davis, did a great job in giving some specific and rememberable tricks of the trade that I could pass along. I went into the meeting just thinking I could improve my own LinkedIn game, but as it turned out later, I actually left the meeting with information that could help a wider audience.

Do you have a similar experience about taking what you learned from a meeting and applying it during work or play hours? Tell us on Twitter @STCSanFrancisco, MySTC San Francisco Chapter, or We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks, Leah


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