October 2013 Meeting Announcement: Managing Tech Comm Projects in Any Environment

Presented by Sharon Burton

The October meeting is on Wednesday, October 16, 2013, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm in downtown San Francisco in the SF Grove Room at NEW LOCATION! the Hub in downtown San Francisco. HUB, 901 Mission St, at Fifth Street, is a short walk from the Powell Street BART/MUNI Station. HUB Bay Area is a community of people building a better world. You can learn more about the HUB community at www.HubBayArea.com. For details about reaching the location and instructions for purchasing tickets, visit www.stc-sf.org/stc-meetings.htm. Light refreshments are provided.

About the Presentation

Your documentation projects need to be successful. Success doesn’t happen accidentally, it happens from planning and managing your projects. And in the 21st Century, the ways to plan and manage projects is changing. We have to change, too.

So, what do we need to think about? Agile? Waterfall? User-generated content? Wikis? How can we update the way we’ve historically managed our projects to help us in this new century? How do we manage user content projects when the definition of “user content” is changing under our feet?

This talk discusses some answers to these and other challenges.

About the Presenter

Sharon Burton is a nationally recognized expert, public speaker, and instructor in the field of business and technical communication. With 20 years of experience in the field, she has consulted with companies large and small, such as Pitney Bowes, Royal, Opentext, and Molina HealthCare to improve their product documentation and documentation workflow.

Sharon has received numerous honors for her work, including the distinction of Associate Fellow by the Society for Technical Communication. She was recently identified as the thirteenth most influential person in the world on the topics of technical communication and content strategy by MindTouch, Inc.


Twitter: sharonburton

Author of 8 Steps to Amazing Webinars, available on Amazon and bn.com

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