TC Camp Well Worth Attending

By Patrick Lufkin

I attended the TC Camp last year and found it to be immensely valuable.

I really liked the “unconference” format in which attendees choose what they want to talk about. The discussions I attended were timely, lively, and informative. With a dozen or more sessions to choose from, it was easy to find plenty to like.

The event is also valuable for its camaraderie. I’ve long missed having a regional event where I could meet with other technical communication professionals and exchange ideas. We used to have such events, but both the STC Regional conferences and the Writer in the Workplace conference went away about a decade ago. Now the TC Camp is filling the void.

The event also included a few traditional presentations and panels, and opportunities to make contact with sponsor-vendors. Some very affordable classes are available at additional cost. Otherwise, the event is free.

I hope to see you there.

Patrick Lufkin

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