President’s News and Notes

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

There is a lot of exciting work going by the Chapter elves to prepare for the New Year.

First, we are working on organizing some great presentations to start off the year. I hope you can join us starting in January to hear Floyd Smith on the environment, a great follow up on a recent presentation by Linda Urban on sustainability.

Starting in January, our meetings will be held at a community meeting room at the Rincon Center Salesforce office. Full directions are available on the website and are included in a separate article in this newsletter.

We are also working on updating the Chapter’s website. The address will stay the same, but there will be a brand new look and feel. In addition, we will be able to have more frequent Chapter updates and news posted.

Finally, I want to thank the new and continuing volunteer elves of the Chapter.

  • President: Leah Scampoli
  • Treasurer: Marc Smirchich
  • Programs: Marie McElravy
  • Website: Andra Zamacona, Riley VanDyke
  • Newsletter: Sherry Nugent, Christine Calderon, Keith Albert
  • Hospitality: Hallie Sinor, Sherry Nugent
  • Rewards Program: Bonnie Kim
  • Marketing: Steven Birdwell

We couldn’t have a Chapter without everyone’s help! A big thanks to everyone for volunteering their time. If you want to volunteer, please contact us at Many of the positions require a team effort or backup.

Thanks, Leah

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