January 2015 Meeting Announcement: The Environment

About the Presentation

Climate change is the largest environmental challenge humanity has faced, and it’s affecting every area of human endeavor, including technology. How are technology companies responding to climate change? How can technical writers help? Floyd Earl Smith is an active technical writer and a local activist strongly involved in regional efforts to combat climate change. He’ll explain what’s happened so far, what’s ahead, and how you can use your skills as a technical writer to get involved.

About the Presenter

Floyd Earl Smith is an accomplished author, technical writer, and editor. He’s also strongly involved in Bay Area environmental activism. Floyd has written more than 20 books, including how-to books on creating Web pages, online marketing, and using Facebook for business. His more recent works include Green Computing and Runaway, a book about climate change. He’s worked for top technology companies including Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Google, plus startups, as a technical writer and in marketing. And he’s involved in BayCAP, the Bay Climate Action Plan campaign of climate change group 350 Bay Area.

3 thoughts on “January 2015 Meeting Announcement: The Environment

    • Thanks for your interest! It just happened that we had speakers who presented about the environment. We’ll be sure to watch out for more speakers who touch on the subject since it was a popular session.


  1. Will there be more presentations on writing about climate change in 2016? As an STC and 350BA member, I’m eager to hear more.


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