President’s News and Notes

As we start this new year off right, I want to first say a special thanks to all our Chapter volunteers: Mysti, Marie, Monica, Marc, Riley, Hallie, and Bonnie. You all make the Chapter possible!
Interested in being part of the club? We have a bunch of volunteer opportunities available, most of which can be completed with your laptop from the comfort of your couch.
Twitter Manager – Update our Twitter feed.
Volunteer Coordinator – Emails and updates volunteers on tasks.
Hospitality Coordinator – Backup for the meeting greeters (must attend the meeting in this case)
We’re also kicking off the new year at the Chapter with a couple of changes. You may have seen the notice that we’re lowering our monthly meeting ticket prices by $5. Another smaller change: We’re upping the ante for whoever writes the summary of the meeting for publication on our website. Now, once the article is published, the author receives a free meeting coupon. I hope people take advantage of this because if there aren’t any takers, we don’t have a summary for those who couldn’t join.
Speaking of remote folks, I know that many of you ask about recordings or streamed meetings. We tried last year, but there were too many technical and audio issues. If we get a volunteer who can devote more time to this, we promise to try it again!


In the spirit of the season, I wanted to share a couple of resolutions.
Drink more tea. This is really “drink more water” but disguised in Egyptian Licorice and other earthy flavors.
Do less harm. I’ve been thinking about how much my food and other purchases have an effect on myself and the environment, so I want to re-consider what I buy.
Meditate more. Taking a couple minutes to slow down seems so difficult, but mindfulness can be a powerful force in your life.
Keep challenging myself. Whether at work, training for a race, or fitting more yoga into my life, I want to keep pushing to do the best I can. I’ve found that I accomplish much more than I ever thought I would by having confidence in myself.
I hope you resolve to come to more Chapter meetings in 2016!