Field Trip to the Bay Model: June 3

Mark you calendars! All Bay Area STC Chapters are organizing a trip to the Bay Model. The excursion is sponsored by Berkeley and Eastbay Chapters of the STC. It is open to all STC members and friends, but please RSVP, as the size of the guided tour is limited.

When: Saturday, June 3, 2017, 2:00 pm to 5:00. Guided tour at 3:00 pm.

Where: Bay Model in Sausalito, CA

Bay Model Visitor Center
2100 Bridgeway

What: Tour of the Bay Model Visitor Center, which is a fully accessible education center administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers which hosts a working hydraulic model of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta System.

Price: Free admission and parking.

How to Register: Please RSVP to Patrick Lufkin,

Full Announcement

Visit one of the Bay Area’s hidden treasures, the San Francisco Bay Model in Sausalito.

The Bay Model is a three dimensional, working model capable of simulating the complex tides, currents, and flows of the San Francisco Bay and Delta. Built in 1957 by the U.S. Corps of Engineers to study the region’s water flows, the facility’s research played an important part in our economy, and in efforts to save the Bay.

With its core mission since transferred to computers, the facility now educates the public on the natural and cultural history of the Bay and its watershed.

About the size of two football fields, the facility is a marvel. Pumps move the tides up and down on a regular cycle. The model is fully labeled and detailed. You can circumnavigate the bay and delta, walk over parts of it on bridges, and become aware of out-of-the-way places most of us have never visited.

To educate and inform, the facility marshals a full range of technical communication techniques. It uses dioramas, posters, signage, and more. There is a small theatre. There are audio stations with head phones. And of course, there is the Model itself, and the guided tour we will be taking.

There is also a room dedicated to ship building on the Bay during the “Rosie the Riveter” period of WWII.

The Bay Model is easily accessed from either the Richmond or the Golden Gate Bridge.


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